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Art Education Research (G)
Arts and Learning in the K-8 Classroom (UG)
Contemporary Issues in Art Education (G)
Fieldwork in Art Therapy (UG)
History of Art Education(G)
Inclusive Art Education (UG/G)
Introduction to Art Therapy (UG/G)
Science and Art of Teaching
Special Needs K-12 in the Art Room (UG/G)
Student Teaching Seminar (UG/G)
Master’s Thesis Research Writing (G)

Bricolage, is a three-dimensional representation of my teaching philosophy. The large objects symbolize key concepts: communication, culture, community, and critical reflection; small unifying beads signify my tri-fold identities as artist / researcher, art therapist,  and art educator and interdisciplinary domains -- art, education, and therapy.

Photo credit: Photographer, Sam Fritch

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