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Lilith's Shield, mixed media cast


Rise /rīz/, mixed media

Bede Medicus1_edited.jpg

Bede Medicus, beads & found objects

Bede Medicus4_edited.jpg
IMG_7763 copy.jpg

Truth is Resolute (left), Untitled (right)

IMG_7765 (1).jpg
COLOR Figure 1 Button box.jpg

Button Box, mixed media

My artwork connects to the rhythm of my soul, mirrors female spirituality, celebrates milestones, losses and transitions, and is part of my research practice. I use art as tool in research and consider teaching as part of my art practice. In my art work, I play with color and texture, mixing the precious with the mundane, and experiment with energy, light, movement, and sound. Each piece has its own narrative. My personal artwork is therapeutic or spiritual in nature and constitutes narrative art and craft.

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